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Divorce is always a challenging process, even in the event that the 2 former spouses or partners have mutually decided to dissolve the marriage. One aspect which can make the separation even more excruciating is determining the terms of child custody and visitation when the 2 parties share a child or children together from their marriage. Usually, each parent wants to have a large role in deciding the most crucial choices for a child’s mental, physical, and emotional development, while simultaneously maintaining a loving relationship.

Is Florida a Mom State in Custody?

Florida is not a mother state. Family court does not favor mothers over fathers when deciding child custody matters. Instead, judges decide cases based on what is in the child's best interest. Florida's custody laws favor parents remaining active in their children's lives.

However, drawing the exact terms of how this can work, in the midst of separated families’ busy work, school, and social schedules, can be very frustrating. You can count on our determined Orlando child custody and visitation attorney at Jackson Legal Services, LLC to help you find a solution that prioritizes your child’s best interests.

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Child Custody Factors in Florida

Generally, the courts in Florida seek for both parents to be involved in caring for the needs and development of a child. However, in many circumstances, one parent may be charged with having the primary duty for certain key components of the welfare of that child, including providing the main residence, selecting the kind of education and the location of the school, or determining the primary source of medical or dental care.

Some of the factors which influence whether or not a parent is assigned as being the primary caregiver include:

  • Each party’s likelihood of giving the child regular opportunities to maintain a relationship with the non-custodial parent
  • The moral and mental fitness demonstrated by each parent figure
  • The current relationship status between each parent and the child in terms of affection, love, respect, and other familial ties
  • The ability of each parent to care for the child’s basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, and medical attention
  • The stability and nurturing atmosphere of the child’s current environment
  • The location and value of key aspects of a child’s life, including schools, community programs, churches, sports programs, and extracurricular activities
  • The child’s preference of custody, so long as the child has been demonstrated to have a level of understanding, maturity, and experience to express their desires
  • Any indication of child abuse, domestic violence, or unstable behavior

What Are Grounds for Full Custody in Florida?

In Florida, a court can grant full custody to one parent if they determine that shared custody would harm the children. In Florida, the term "sole custody" is no longer used. However, in rare situations, a court can grant sole parental responsibility and limited or supervised time sharing.

Child Visitation in Florida

Even if one parent is determined to be the primary custodial parent, Florida usually seeks to allot

shared parental responsibility to most parents. This is so both individuals can be deeply involved in their children’s lives. Depending on the location, schedule, and other factors surrounding your own life and that of your child’s and your former partner’s, it is important to come up with a working plan for shared responsibility so that both parents get quality time with the child.

Can a Mother Deny the Father Visitation in Florida?

In Florida, visitation is not required unless it has been court-ordered. A mother can allow or deny visitation rights to a father if they are unmarried. If visitation is allowed, the mother can make reasonable restrictions.

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If you believe that the current order for visitation should be altered or arranged differently than your former partner’s preferences, it is important to get our Orlando child custody and visitation attorney involved as quickly as possible to support your rights.

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