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Due to the unexpected catastrophes which often take place in life, there sometimes comes a time when an unprotected person must have the support of the state in order to survive. If a minor’s parents have met an untimely death or been incapacitated, or if an elderly person no longer has the physical or mental ability to care for themselves, the state of Florida enables the possibility of guardianship, both voluntary and involuntary.

No matter the type of guardianship, the process of taking the bulk of responsibility for another person’s welfare and well-being is a serious and complex process. You will need a knowledgeable and experienced guardianship attorney in Orlando to help you smoothly navigate through all these challenges. Fortunately, Jackson Legal Services, LLC is readily available to support you with the next steps.

Call us at (407) 934-0597 to have any queries or concerns answered when it comes to gaining guardianship in Orlando.

Distinctions Between Types of Guardianships

Voluntary guardianship occurs when someone willingly agrees to have another individual become the primary decision-maker, taking responsibility for many kinds of duties. These responsibilities could range from physical decisions about home care to financial choices about dividing assets. In contrast, involuntary guardianship is usually granted by the court when the person in question has been unable to request for or grant guardianship on account of a physical condition or mental disability. When it comes to becoming the guardian of a minor, the court also has even more detailed requirements and responsibilities that the would-be guardian must fulfill.

How Our Experienced Attorney Can Help You

Particularly with all the complex details of arranging guardianship, it is important to get knowledgeable legal counsel right away.

Just some of the aspects with which our legal team can support you include:

  • Creating petitions that will demonstrate the incapacity of the ward to independently take care of themselves or their affairs
  • Appointing the appropriate guardian and collecting evidence of their suitability
  • Coming to court hearings with you as the potential new guardian
  • Filing a complete inventory of all of the ward’s assets and liabilities
  • Transferring the guardianship out of the county or the state, depending on location
  • Making a plan on the ward’s specific care needs on an annual basis
  • Setting up trusts for beneficiaries who are disabled or incapacitated
  • Establishing details for a minor who has inherited a settlement after a loved one’s personal injury

Dedicated & Comprehensive Support

When disasters occur, whether caused by humans or nature, sometimes the most vulnerable need a guardian to take care of them. Thankfully, the state of Florida has provided a way for these people to get the protection and care they need through guardianship. Although the process of applying to be a guardian and filing the right documentation can be very complicated, you can count on our compassionate and dedicated guardianship lawyer in Orlando to aid you throughout this crucial journey.

Call us today at (407) 934-0597 or contact us online because our team at Jackson Legal Services, LLC is determined to help you succeed in your guardianship case.

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