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If you become a parent, there are certain duties and rights which are applicable to you in caring for your child. The state of Florida recognizes this important set of responsibilities for all parents, whether these parents are currently in a marital relationship, have been divorced from each other, or had never been married in the first place. However, many individuals living in Florida are unaware that unmarried parents fall under the same rules as divorced parents when it comes to outlining standards of child support and custody, as well as visitation and relocation.

The contention of this disagreement often leads to highly emotional situations that greatly damage the emotional well-being of the child. Here at Jackson Legal Services, LLC, our paternity attorney in Orlando is ready to support you in establishing true parenthood.

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Why Should I Establish Paternity?

One of the most important factors for discovering the paternity of your child is giving them the opportunity to have a relationship with both parents. However, there are other crucial advantages that could help your child as well.

Some of the other reasons why a child could benefit from established paternity include:

  • Legally giving the child the rights to any benefits should the father unfortunately pass away
  • Providing the child with access to benefits from social security or veteran work following the father’s death
  • Giving the child any inheritance that rightfully belongs to them
  • Providing the child with crucial medical information and history outlining any illnesses or genetic diseases that could be passed down to them

How Can I Establish Paternity in Florida?

In Florida, you can establish paternity in several ways, including:

  • Signing a form for voluntary acknowledgement
  • Genetic testing
  • Through marriage or legitimization
  • Through court ordered genetic testing

How Does Paternity Affects Child Custody & Child Support?

Paternity is not only important for children, but for the parents as well. If a father is demonstrated to be a legitimate, legal parent of a child, that father can also gain joint custody.

  • This means he will be able to build a relationship with the child and get a role in deciding important choices about the child’s life.
  • The child’s mother could greatly benefit from financial support if it has been proven that the man is the biological father and able to offer monetary aid for the child’s well-being and development.

Dedicated Support for Your Paternity Case in Orlando

Whether you have been divorced, estranged, or simply are not involved in a relationship, trying to establish or disestablish paternity can create a grievous argument if there is no one knowledgeable to intervene. On account of sheer misunderstanding, the two parties can become embroiled in a highly uncomfortable circumstance.

It is crucial to have a paternity lawyer in Orlando who can carefully navigate through these difficult and delicate situations. We are determined to support you and your family, making sure that the best interests of your child are always secured.

Call us today at (407) 934-0597 or contact us online so our Orlando paternity lawyer at Jackson Legal Services, LLC can aid you during this challenging time.

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